New York, New York

Artists Space / Committee for the Visual Arts was formed in 1972 as a pilot project funded through the New York Council on the Arts to be a service organization for artists - with artists as curators selecting other artists for exhibition.

5000 Artists Return to Artists Space: 25 Years  Artists Space / D.A.P. Press  1998  
A Decade of New Art: Artists Space Linda Cathcart 1984 see Catalogues Cited
A Sound Selection:Audio Works by Artists [with artist statements]  Helene Weiner / Barry Rosen 1980 Vito Acconci / Laurie Anderson / Beth B / John Baldessari / Bob George / Jack Goldstein / Alison Knowles / Martha Rosler / Michael Smith / Mimi Smith / Keith Sonnier / William Wegman / Lawrence Weiner
BAW / TAF 1984 - 1989 [Border Art Workshop / Taler de Arte Fronterizo] (includes documentation - discriptions and history - of the performances, events, and exhibitions taking place between 1984 and 1989) Susan Wyatt 1989 David Avalos / Guillermo Gomez-Pena (including interview and writings) / Emily Hicks / Louis Hock / Victor Ochoa / Robert Sanchez / Michael Schnorr / Deborah Small / Rene Yanez
Choice Histories: Framing Abortion [An Artists Book by RepoHistory produced at the time of the exhibition "A New World Order: Part One" - text includes a note about RepoHistory as Collective Practice]  Connie Butler 1992  Janet Koenig
Contained Attitudes / Video as Production Saskia Bos / Chris Dercon 1987
Dark Rooms [1 & 2] Valerie Smith / John G. Hanhardt 1983 / 1985 Antonio Muntadas [1] / Judith Barry [2] among others
Dark rooms [3] Dan Walworth 1987 Carolee Schneemann
Document & Dream Dan Walworth 1989 Stashu Kybartas
Flipside (lost in translation: the flipside of the message) Katherine Carl 2002  
Forced Sentiment Robert Longo 1984-5 including: Steven Parrino
Herstories in Color: Video by and About Women of Color Tony Cokes 1992 Tracy Moffatt
Heterogeneity and Alienation [a video program]  Berenice Reynaud 1987 Nan Goldin / Chip Lord / Muntadas
....., Louise Lawler, Adrian Piper, Cindy Sherman [and Christopher D'Arcangelo]  Janelle Reiring   1978 Louise Lawler / Adrian Piper / Cindy Sherman
Metaphysical Visions: Middle Europe / Deconstruction, Quotation & Subversion: Video from Yugoslavia  Valerie Smith / Kathy Rae Huffman 1989 Miroslaw Balka / Jiri David / Jiri Kovanda / / Dalibor Martinis
New Economy Joao Ribas 2007  
New Galleries of the Lower East Side Helene Weiner 1984  
Nina in Position Jeffery Uslip 2008 Huma Bhabha / Roni Horn / Mary Kelly / Robert Mapplrthrope / Daniel J. Martinez / Haim Steinbach
Pictures Helene Weiner with essay by Thomas Lawson 1977  
Putt-Modernism: 18 Hole Miniature Golf Course & Exhibition Ken Buhler 1992 Mel Chin / Jenny Holzer / Alison Saar / Cindy Sherman / Sandy Skoglund / Fred Wilson
Reframing the Family Connie Butler & Micki McGee 1991 Beth B & Ida Applebroog / Martha Rosler / Allan Sekula / Carrie Mae Weems
Selections From the Unaffiliated Artists File Danald Droll / Trudi Grace / Irving Sandler / Linda Shearer 1983 Mark Innerst
Selections from the Artists File Cornelia Butler 1989  
Split Vision [photography] Robert Mapplethorpe and Laurie Simmons 1985-6  
The Fairy Tale: Politics, Desire, and Everyday Life Curt Belshe, Ana Busto, Sarah Drury, Juan Sanchez, and Steven Schiff 1986 Essays by: Jack Zipes / Jean Fisher / Fredric Jameson // Astists incuded: Vito Acconci / James Casebere / Mark Dion / Andrea Fraser / Felix Gonzalez-Torres / Perry Hoberman / Mary Kelly / Silvia Kolbowski / Louise Lawler / Juan Sanchez // Video Program included: Joan Jonas
35 Artists Return to Artists Space: A Benefit Exhibition  Linda Shearer / William Zimmer (essay) 1981 Including: James Biederman / Jonathan Borofsky / Troy Brauntuch / Scott Burton / Thomas Lawson / Robert Longo / Allan McCollum / Ree Morton / Matt Mullican / Richard Prince / Judy Rifka / David Salle / Cindy Sherman / Laurie Simmons /
Uprising: Videotapes of the Palestinian Resistance Elia Suleiman and Dan Walworth 1989 Mona Hatoum
Warp and Woof: Comfort and Dissent Connie Butler 1991 Dinh Le / Andrea Zittel
Witnesses: Against Our Vanishing [with essay by Goldin and David Wojnarowicz. Goldin wrote: "The influence of the New Morality and the effective use of AIDS as the most powerful tool for sexual repression makes it even more imperative to continue to create and exhibit art that portrays sexuality as a positive force." Nan Goldin 1989-90  including: Peter Hujar / Kiki Smith / David Wojnarowicz
Post - Boys & Girls: Nine Painters Ken Aptekar 1991 with essays by: Michael Kimmel / Reene Green
Real Life Magazine 1979-1990 Kate Fowle 2007 interview with Thomas Lawson and Susan Morgan
T.V. Sandino [videos] Annie Goldson and Carlos Pavam of Xchange TV 1987  
Unacceptable Appetites [catalogue / brochure - video presentations] Micki McGee 1988 including: Suzanne Lacy / Linda Montano / Martha Rosler
U.S. Projects Kathy Halbreich / Anne Rorimer / Marge Goldwater / Alan Sondheim 1985  
Young Fluxus Ken Friedman and Peter Frank with Elizabeth Brown 1982 including: Endre Tot
NEWSPAPER/CATALOGUE 2 Exhibitions mentioned in each issue    
Number 1 / Volume 2 September / October 1995
Somatogenics Sarah Charlesworth / Cindy Sherman / Laurie Simmons
Project Space: Greg Lynn Peter Eisenman    
Number 4 / Volume 3  April / May 1997  
Station to Station Tony Oursler and Gary Simmons    
Project Space: Ben van Berkel: Mobile Forces Greg Lynn    
Number 2 / Volume 4 November / January 1997-8  
Lines of Loss Gabriel Orozco   including: Gabriel Kuri / Damian Ortega
Project Space: Present Tense: The Architecture of George Ranalli Michael Sorkin    
Number 3 Volume 5 February / April 1999  
Shy [10th anniversary of the exhibition: Whitness: Against Our Vanishing] Nan Goldin    
Six Moons Over Oaxaca Jerri Allyn 1994  
Project Space 1: Randall Peacock Bryan Crockett    
Project Space 2: Denise Fasanello / Gina Magid Claudia Gould, Director of Artists Space    
The Searchers Robert Longo 1999  
Art After Modernism: Rethinking Representation  The New Museum of Contemporary Art, new York 1984  
Art in America [The Rise of the Alternative Space] July-August  1977   
Avalanche #08 Avalanche  1973  Artists Space opens 
New Art Rizzoli 1991  
SoHo: The Rise and Fall of an Artists' Colony  Routledge 2003  
SoHo: The Essential Guide to Art and Life in Lower Manhattan Simon and Schuster 1979   
Studio International Vol. 195 No. 990 - Special Issue: Art Galleries & Alternative Spaces Studio International 1980