Alys, Francis El Gringo (POV Series) 2003 DVD
Alys, Francis The Thief (screen saver- Mac / Dia Center for the Arts) 1999 F/D
Alys, Francis When Faith Moves Mountains 2005  DVD
Beuys, Joseph Dialogue with Audiance 1980 VHS
Beuys, Joseph Public Dialogue 1974 VHS
Cage, John   Cage / Cunningham 2007 DVD
Cage, John  The Piano Works 7 2006 DVD
Cage, John Variations VII [E.A.T. - 1966] 2008 DVD
Cardillo, Rimer  Impressions and Other Images of Memory 2004  CDR 
Cardoso, Maria Fernanda Cardoso Flea Circus 1997 VHS
Claerbout, David Le Moment (POV Series) 2003 DVD
Damon, Betsy  Memory of CLean Water 1986/7  VHS
Forcadell, Gabriela El Affaire Bizcochos 1999 VHS
Forcadell, Gabriela untitled 2000 VHS
Foreman, Richard Strong Medicine 1979 VHS
Gordon, Douglas Over My Shoulder (POV Series) 2003 DVD
Graham, Dan Two-Way Mirror Cylinder Inside Cube and a Video Salon (DIA roof installation) 1992 VHS
Hill, Gary Blind Spot (POV Series) 2003 DVD
Holzer, Jenny Laments (DIA installation) 1989 VHS
Huyghe, Pierre I JEDI (POV Series) 2003 DVD
Joan Jonas Waltz (POV Series) 2003 DVD
Jonas, Joan I Want to Live in the Cointry (And Other Romances) 1976 VHS
Julien, Isaac Encore (POV Series) 2003 DVD
Katz, Leandro El Dia Que Me Quieras VHS
Katz, Leandro Paradox 2001 VHS
Kentridge, William Automatic Writing (POV Series) 2003 DVD
Kentridge, William Drawing the Passing (interview +) 1999 VHS
Kentridge, William  William Kentridge  1997 CDR
Kentridge, William  William Kentridge: 5 Themes 2009 DVD
The Kitchen  Stations: by Robert Wilson 1987 VHS
The Kitchen  Two Moon July  1987 VHS
McCarthy, Paul WGG (POV Series) 2003 DVD
Meireles, Cildo Cildo Meireles (film about) 1997 VHS
Monk, Meredith Ellis Island 1982 VSH
Paik, Nam June Allan 'n' Allen's Complaint 1982 VHS
Rauschenberg, Robert  Open Score 2007 DVD
Steve Reich  Steve Reich's City Life 2007 DVD
Rist, Pipilotti I Want to See How You Are (POV Series) 2003 DVD
Sala, Anri Time After Time (POV Series) 2003 DVD
Wegman, William The Best of William Wegman: Black and White 1970-78 VHS
Weiner, Lawrence Altered to Suit VHS
Weiner, Lawrence Plowmans Lunch VHS
Wilson, Fred  Fred Wilson: U.S. Pavilion 50th Venice Biennale  2003  CDR 
Wilson, Robert Stations [presented by The Kitchen, New York] 1987 VHS
Zapp Magazine Manifesta 4 - Frankfurt 2002 VHS