A Partial Listing of Articles

Patricia C Philips Questions of Influence : Influence of Questions
Derek Conrad Murray Hip-Hop vs. High Art: Notes on Race as Spectacle Chris Ofili
James Meyer and Toni Ross Aesthetic / Anti-Aesthetic: An Introduction
Arthur C. Danto Kalliphobia in Contemporary Art Dieter Roth
Alexander Alberro Beauty Knows No Pain Martha Rosler
Margaret Iversen Readymade, Found Objects, Photograph Mary Kelly / Gabriel Orozco
Anna Dezeuze Tactile Dematerialization, Sensory Politics: Helio Oiticica's Parangoles
Jeanne Siegel Eva Hesse's Influence Today? Conversations with Three Contemporary Artists Polly Apfelbaum / Jeanne Silverthorne / Jaqckie Winsor
Reviews: Primary Documents: A Sourcebook for Eastern and Central European Art
Robert Smithson: Learning from New Jersey and Elsewhere
  The Short Century: Independence and Liberation Movements in Africa 1945-1994