A Partial Listing of Articles

Beyond Boundaries: Rethinking Contemporary Art Exhibitions
Valerie Cassel Cry of My Birth Ghada Amer / Julie Mehretu
France Morin The Quiet in the Land: Resistance and Healing Through Art Chen Zhen / Cia Guo-Qiang / Doris Salcedo / Rirkrit Tiravanija / Tunga / Kara Walker
Apinan Poshyananda Positioning Contemporary Asian Art
Mari Carmen Ramirez Constellations: Toward a Radical Questioning of Dominant Curatorial Models Re-Aligning Vision: Alternative Currents in South American Drawing / Cantos Paralelos: Visual Parody in Contemporary Argentina
Caroline Turner Art Speaking for Humanity: The Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art Cia Guo-Qiang
Igor Zabel Manifesta 3
John Alan Farmer The Experimental Exercise of Freedom: A Conversation with Rina Carvajal and Alma Ruiz Gego / Helio Oiticica / Lygia Clark
Miwon Kwon The Wrong Place Aernout Mik
Shelley Hornstein Fugitive Places Chantal Akerman
Aneta Szylak The New Art for the New Reality: Some Remarks on Contemporary Art in Poland
Sharon Lockhart Interview Locations / Family Photographs
Francesco Dal Lago Space and Public: Site Specificity in Beijing  
Ernesto Pujol Notes on Obsessive Whitness  
  Eleanor Antin [LACMoMA]  
  Adrian Piper: A Retrospective  
  Performance: Live Art Since 1960