1936, New York

All the things I know but of which I am not at the moment thinking - 1:36 pm; June 15, 1969  Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam  1974 
Art & Project # 017 art & project 1969
Art & Project # 037 art & project 1971
Art & Project # 051 art & project 1971
Art & Project # 097 art & project 1976
Art & Project # 136 art & project 1983
It is... it isn't... [signed] Yvon Lambert 1972
It's About Time / Word for Word Yvon Lambert, Paris 1980
Robert Barry (ed. 300) art & project 1974
Robert Barry: Details from Not Intended  Holly Solomon Gallery, New York  1991 
untitled [Robert Barry 1969-1970] Sperone editore  1970 
art & project invitation [art & project invites you to an exhibition by robert barry at jack wendler gallery, london, during the month of december, 1972] art & project  1972
For the exhibition the gallery will be closed [announcement card] Galleria Sperone, Torino 1969
Inert Gas Series / Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon / From Measured volume to indefinite expansion / April 1969 [poster - signed] Seth Siegelaub 1969
some places to which we come and for a while be free to think about what We are going to do (Marcuse) [announcement card for 5 galleries] Paul Maenz, Cologne 1971
Art Workers Coalition - Open Hearing Art Workers Coalition  1969
Projects Class (12 artists / 12 cards - submitted to class)  Nova Scotia College of Art and Design  1969
View - interview with Barry Crown Point Press, San Francisco 1978
Robert Barry  galeria foksal, Warsaw  1973 
Robert Barry  Kunstmuseum Luzern  1974 
Some places to which we can come, and for a while "be free to think about what we are going to do." Robert Barry: Works 1963-1975 Kunsthalle Nurnberg  2003 
Actualite d'un Bilan  Yvon Lambert, Paris  1972
A Forest of Signs: Art in the Crisis of Representation [not in exhibition but mentioned in catalogue essay by Anne Rorimer: Photography - Language - Context: Prellude to the 1980s] The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 1989
A Minimal Future? Art as Object 1958-1968  The Museum of Contemporary Art, L.A.  2004
Arte de Sistemas  Museo De Arte Moderno / CAYC - Centro de Arte y Communicacion, Buenos Aires 1971
Beyond Geometry: Experiments in Form, 1940s-1970s  Los Angeles County Museum of Art 2004 
Blurring the Boundries: Installation Art 1969-1996 Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego 1996
Concept </> Decoratif: Anti-Formalist Art of the 70s Nahan Contemporary, New York  1990
Conception, Conceptual Documents 1960-1990 Norwich Gallery, Norwich School of Art and Design, U.K. 2001
Conceptual Art Conceptual Aspects The New York Cultural Center 1970
Content: A Contemporary Focus 1974-1984  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden  1984 
Deurle 11/7/73 (ed. 250) La Cambre, Brussels 1973
Documenta 5 Kassel, Germany 1972
Documenta 6 [curator: Manfred Schneckenburger]  Kassel, Germany  1977 
Documenta 7  Kassel, Germany 1982 
Duration Piece #8 Global  Douglas Huebler  1973 
8 Young Artists Bennington College, Vermont and the Hudson River Museum 1964
8 Young Artists Then and Now 1964-1991 Hunter College of The City University of New York 1991
18'6" x 6'9" x 11'21/2" x 47' x 11 3/16" x 29'8 1/2" x 31' 9 3/16 [poster] San Francisco Art Institute 1969
18 Paris IV.70 Seth Siegelaub 1970
Exhibition to Benefit the Student Mobilization Committee to End the Vietnam War [no catalogue, included as a point of information] Paula Cooper Gallery 1968
557,087 Seattle 1969
From the Collection of Sol LeWitt  Independent Curators  1985
In another moment / at the moment Gallery SKG, Belgrade 1971
Information MoMA, NY 1970
Inquires: Language in Art Art Museum of Ontatio 1990
January 5 - 31, 1969 Seth Siegelaub 1969
July - August - September 1969 Seth Siegelaub 1969
July / August Exhibition Book Studio International 1970
Knowledge: Aspects of Conceptual Art  University Art Museum, Santa Barbara  2002 
Konzeption - Conception: Documentation of today's art tendencies Westdeutscher Verlag 1969
"Konzept" - Kunst  Kunstmuseum, Basel 1972
955,000 Vancouver Art Gallery 1970
One Month: March, 1969 Seth Siegelaub 1969
Prospect 69  Kunsthalle Dusseldorf  1969 
Publication  David Lamelas  1970
Reconsidering the Object of Art: 1965-1975  The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 1995
Robert Barry, Victor Burgin, Hamish Fulton, Gilbert & George, Hans Haacke, John Hilliard, Kosuth/Charlesworth, David Tremlett, Lawrence Weiner  Fruit Market Gallery, Edinburgh  1976 
Slide Show: Projected Images in Contemporary Art  The Baltimore Museum of Art  2005 
Software: Information Technology: Its New Meaning for Art The Jewish Museum 1970
The Big Nothing  Institute for Contemporary Art, Philadelphia 2004
The Snow Show [book documenting the exhibition in Finland, 2004] Thames & Hudson  2005
13 >Projekt '74< Artists Paul Maenz  1974 
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0 to 9 Number 6 Acconci and Mayer, reprint 2006, July 1969
Robert Barry at Castelli  Artforum, Summer  1980