San Francisco, Callifornia

Publications from Crown Point Press

Vision [5 issues] Tom Marioni - founder of the Conceptual Art Museum in San Francisco 1979+
View Interviews by Robin White, and in later years by Constance Lewallen, with various artists - including biographies and images (20-30 pages each) 1978+
  John Baldessari [interview with Constance Lewallen] 1993
  Robert Barry 1978
  Ian Baxter / N.E. Thing 1979
  Daniel Buren 1979
  John Cage 1978
  Terry Fox 1979
  Joan Jonas 1979
  Jannis Kounellis 1979
  Tom Marioni 1978
  Tim Rollins + K.O.S. [interview with Constance Lewallen] 1989