1957, Guaimaro, Cuba - 1996, Miami, Flordia

A member of Group Material

F / B / S / V / INSTV

untitled, 1991 [45 1/4" x 38 1/2 " paper - waves]  Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York  2005 
untitled (Death by Gun, 1990) [two copies from 2 different exhibitions] uncertain installation ? year / Whitney Biennial 2006
untitled (for Parkett - postcard for Thinking Print exhibition) The Museum of Modern Art, New York 1996
untitled (Passport, 1991) BAK, basisvoor actuele kuns  2004 
untitled (Passport II, 1993) Museum Ludwig, Cologne 2002
untitled (Placebo II - Landscape - for Roni, 1993)  Deutsche Hygiene-Museum  2004
untitled (Placebo II - Landscape - for Roni, 1993)  Museum Ludwig, Koln  2004
untitled (Placebo II - Landscape - for Roni, 1993)   Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York  2005 
untitled (Portrait of Rose in L.A., 1991)  Luhring Augustine 2000
Felix Gonzalez-Torres [edited by Julie Ault] Steidldangin, Germany 2006
Felix Gonzalez-Torres selects photographic images for text: Out There: Marginalization and Contemporary Cultures, MIT Press 1990
Felix Gonzalez-Torres  Magasin 3 Stockholm Kohsthall 1992
Felix Gonzalez-Torres  Guggenheim Museum, NYC  1995 
Felix Gonzalez-Torres  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden 1994 
Felix Gonzalez-Torres [America] United States Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2007
Felix Gonzalez-Torres  Catalogue Raisonne Cantz  1997 
Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Currents 22 [five-fold, ten page brochure]  Milwaukee Art Museum 1993
Felix Gonzalez-Torres: I always wonder if men in uniform sleep better after performing their duties.  Intar Latin American Gallery, New York 1988 
Inserts ["Advertising Supplement to The New York Times" sponsored by the Public Art Fund] Group Material 1988
ARS 95: Private/Public [Curator: Maria Hirvi] Museum of Contemporary Art, Finnish National Museum, Helsinki  1995
Absent Territories [Curator: Gerardo Mosquera] Casa de America, Madrid  2000
Archive Fever: Uses of the Document in Contemporary Art International Center for Photography, New York 2008 
Arte no es Vida: Actions by Artists of the Americas, 19960-2000  el Museo del Barrio, New York 2008
Berlin Biennale 1 - Berlin/Berlin [curator: Klaus Biesenbach] Kunst Werke, Berlin 1998
Billboard Art on the Road MASS MoCA, North Adams, Massachusetts 1999
Carnegie International [curator: Madeleine Grynsztejn]  Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1999
Cordially Invited  BAK - basis voor actuele kunst 2004
Constitution [organized by Group Material] The Temple Gallery, Temple University, Philadelphia 1987
Dissent, Difference and the Body Politic [curators: Simon Watson and John S. Weber] Portland Art Museum  1992
Do It  Independent Curators, Inc., New York 1997
I Love New York [curator: Jochen Poetter]  Museum Ludwig Koln 1998
I Promise It's Political: Perfomativity in Art Museum Ludwig, Koln  2002 
Istanbul Biennial # 5 On Life, Beauty, Translations and Other Difficulities Istanbul 1997
la Biennale di Venezia 45: Aperto - Emergency [Achille Bonito Oliva, Helena Kontova, with Francesco Bonami, among others] Venice, various locations  1993
Leaving Tracks: Artrenspennine 98  Various locations, England 1998
Let's Entertain: Life's Guilty Pleasures  Walker Art Center 2000 
Longing and Belonging From the Faraway Nearby  Site Santa Fe  1995 
Manifesta 2  Casino Luxembourg-Forum d'art contemporain +  1998 
Nowhere / Now Here  Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebeak, Denmark 1996 
...om det sublima / ...on the sublime Rooseum, Malmo  1999 
Present Tense: Nine Artists in the Nineties [curator: Gary Garrels, Janet Bishop, and John S. Weber, with an essay by Julie Ault: "Everything is more complicated than visible"] San Francisco Museum of Modern Art  1997 
Propositions  Musee Departmental de Rochechouart 1996
Public Information  San Francisco MoMA 1994
Pulse: Art, Healing, and Transformation  The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston 2003
Rhetorical Image The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York  1990 
Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated): Art from 1951 to the Present  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum  2004 
Social Strategies: Redefining Social Realism  University Art Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara 2003
Symptoms of Interference, Conditions of Possibility: Ad Reinhardt, Joseph Kosuth, Felix Gonzalez-Torres  Camden Arts Centere, London  1994 
Tempo [curated by: Paulo Herkenhoff, Roxana Marcoci and Mariam Basilio]  The Museum of Modern Art, New York  2002 
Temporarily Possessed: The Semi-Permanent Collection The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York 1995
Territorios Ausentes / Absent Territories [Gerardo Mosquera]  Casa de America, Madrid  2000 
The Fairy Tale: Politics, Desire, and Everyday Life Artists Space, New York 1986 
The Ten Commandments  Deutschen Hygiene Museum, Dresden  2004 
The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 2008
Thinking Print: Books to Billboards, 1980-1995 The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Transgressions in the White Cube: Territorial Mappings   Bennington College Suzanne Lemberg Usdan Gallery 1992
Trauma [Curators: Fiona Bradley, Katrina Brown and Andrew Nairne] Haywood Gallery, Londan / National Touring Exhibition 2001
Vanitas: Meditations on Life and Death in Contemporary Art [Curator: John B. Ravenal]  Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond 2000
Whitney Biennial 1991 [Richard Armstrong, John G. Hanhardt, Richard Marshall, and Lisa Phillips] Single and with Group Material Whitney Museum of American Art 1991
Whitney Biennial 1997 [Lisa Phillips and Louise Neri] Whitney Museum of American Art 1997
Wounds: Between Democracy and Redemption in Contemporary Art  Moderna Museet, Stockholm 1998 
Zero to Infinity: Arte Povera 1962-1972  Walker Art Center 2001
MASS The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York 1986
Alternative Art New York 1965-1985 The Drawing Center / University of Minnesota Press 2002
Art and Artifact: The Museum as Medium  Thames & Hudson 2001
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Creative Time: The Book 33 Years of Public Art in NYC Princeton Architectural Press 2007
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5000 Artists Return to Artists Space: 25 Years  Artists Space / D.A.P. Press  1998
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Art Nexus Vol.18 [About Place by Rachel Weiss] October-December 1995
Art Nexus Vol.25 [Transterritorial by Octavio Zaya] July-September 1997
Art Nexus #41 [Perverting Minimalism: It's Not Just What You See] August-October 2001
Flash Art [interview] November / December 1991
Parkett # 22  Parkett  1989
Parkett #39 Parkett  1994 
Parkett # 44 Parkett  1995 
Poliester, Vol.4 #12 Summer 1995
The Print Collector's Newsletter [discussion of "Death by Gun" hand-out] September-October 1991
Third Text # 33 [obituary]  Third Text, Winter 1995
Trans> arts.cultures.media #1  Passim, Inc.  1995
Felix Gonzalez-Torres at Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York Flash Art, November-December  1993
Felix Gonzalez-Torres at Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York  Art Nexus # 24, April-June 1997
Felix Gonzalez-Torres at Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany  Art Nexus Vol.27, January-March 1998