1936, Koln, Germany - Lives and works in New York City

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Hans Haacke: Four Works 1978-79 John Weber Gallery, New York  1979
Hans Haacke: Upstairs at Mobil John Weber Gallery, New York  1981
Seurat's "Les Poseuses" (small version), 1888 - 1975 John Weber Gallery, New York 1975
The Chocolate Master [in German] Paul Maenz, Koln 1981
The Chocolate Master Metrepole, Toronto 1982
The Good Will Umbrella [Mobil Oil]  John Weber Gallery, New York 1977
The Philips Pieces [7 stapled pages with images and text on one side. Philips is headquarted in Eindhoven.] Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 1979
(We believe in the power of creative imagination) [Fabrique Nationale - with gun sales internationally - is headquarted in Hestral, Belgium] Gent, Belgium 1980
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John Weber Gallery Newsletter  John Weber Gallery , New York 1975 
What Do You Expect? Paul Maenz, Koln  1977 

Hans Haacke [poster - text and images on both sides - for the exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum - exhibition - Volume 1 - shared with the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford where it was first installed in 1978] Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 1979
Hans Haacke: Business could hold art exhibitions to tell its own story [announcement card, text on one side] John Weber Gallery , New York 1979
John Weber Gallery Visitors' Profile: Results - Hans Haacke [announcement card with text on both sides] John Weber Gallery , New York 1973
Hans Haacke: Memory and Instrumental Reason [announcement card for a lecture by Benjamin Buchloh in conjuntion with the exhibition: Unfinished Business] The New Museum of Contemporary Art  1987 
Hans Haacke: Nach allen Regeln der Kunst (announcement card with image) Kunsthalle Bern 1985
Hans Haacke: New York (large heavy stock card with announcement information including: "Demonstrationen der physikalischen Welt Biologische und gesellschaftliche Systeme" - card has four ring holes for binder) Museum Haus Lange Krefeld 1972
From Hans Haacke: On the Wallrf-Richartz-Museum's censorship of my project for Projekt '74 [artists statement, 2 pages] Self, Cologne, June 24  1974
Vocation / Vacation Project (including Hans Haacke Garry Kennedy and Michael Asher [3 page carbon copy announcement sent to Judith Hoffberg] Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Alberta, Canada 1981
Artist as Corporate Critic: and interview with Hans Haacke Parachute # 23 1981
Fictional Community [Haacke - Reichstag work]  Parachute # 103 2001
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Hans Haacke wind and water sculpture [Jack Burnham]  Tri-Quarterly Supplement 1967
Joint Statement [presented as an ad] in Artforum regarding exhibitions and artists rights (in response to Documenta 5) Artforum, June 1972
Touching the Rawest Nerves  Contemporanea, April 1990 
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Hans Haacke - Volume 2 The Tate Gallery / Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 1984
Hans Haacke  Galerija Suvremene Umjetnosti, Zagreb 1980
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Hans Haacke: Mia san mia  Generali Foundation  2001
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A Different War: Vietnam in Art  [mentioned in Lippard's essays, not in the exhibition] Independent Curators Incorporated, New York [traveled] 1990
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13 >Projekt '74< Artists Paul Maenz  1974 
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