HERESIES: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics

# 22 Art In Unestablished Channels, 1987

A Selection of Articles, Essays, and Works in this Issue:

Marjorie Agosin Arpilleras of Chile: Using Art as a Teaching Tool
Thalia Doukas About Windows on White [mentions early work by Shirin Nashat]
Harriet Feigenbaum Reclamation Art
Deborah Langerman On Cultural Democracy
Virginia Maksymowicz Making Activist Art
Nancy Princenthal Synthesizing Art, Nature, and Technology  
Shasha, Karen  Community and the Allowance of Difference [including: Ana Mendieta]  
INTERVIEW Harriet A. Hirshorn and Trinh T. Minh-ha [images from Naked Spaces-Living is Round]
Conde, Carole and Karl Beveridge Working Ties [image]  
Johanson, Patricia Civic Minded Landscaping [project]  
Katz, Carla  (union organizer - photographer) [images]  
Newmarch, Ann The Stobie Pole [images and text]  
Nolan, Janet Fence [image]  
Jill Posener Photos from Spray It Loud and Louder than Words