New York

De Europa 1971
The Political Arm 1991
Wall Works [curator: James Cohan] 1986
Newsletter of the John Weber Gallery 1975
Daniel Buren: Five Texts  1973
Hamish Fulton: The Snow Mountain 1987
Hans Haacke: Business As Usual 1988
Hans Haacke: Hans Haacke: Upstairs at Mobil 1981
Hans Haacke: Hans Haacke: Four Works 1978-79 1979
Hans Haacke: The Good Will Umbrella  1977
Hans Haacke: Seurat's "Les Poseuses" (small version), 1888 - 1975  1975
Sol Lewitt: Five Structures [at Hammarskjold Plaza Sculpture Garden / courtesy John Weber] 1976
Sol Lewitt: Isometric Drawings [with Paula Cooper Gallery] 1982
Sol Lewitt: The Location of Straight, Not-Straight & Broken Lines and All Their Combinations 1976
Sol Lewitt: Wall Drawings & Structures: The Location of Six Geometric Figures / Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes 1974
Robert Mangold: Painting for Three Walls  1980
Richard Nonas: More Bulk Than Fill  1979
Robert Smithson: Sculpture 1968-69 1987
Franz Erhard Walther: Works 1963-86 1986
Daniel Buren: Seven Ballets in Manhattan (poster) 1975
Victor Burgin: "The Bridge" [announcement card] 1984
Hamish Fulton: A walk to the  summit of Pico de Orizaba Mexico.... [poster] 1980
Hamish Fulton: Melting Snow Ice Rain Mud Puddles Changing to Dust [announcement card]  1996
Hamish Fulton: No Talking for 14 Days... [announcement card]  1998
Hamish Fulton: Winter Solstice Full Moon... [announcement card] 1992
Hans Haacke: Business could hold art exhibitions to tell its own story [announcement card] 1979
Hans Haacke: John Weber Gallery Visitors' Profile: Results - Hans Haacke [announcement card] 1973
Nancy Holt: Gallery Installation: Electrical System (for Thomas Edison) [postcard announcement] 1982 
Steve Reich: Scores on Exhibition (also first performance for: Six Pianos; and Mallet Instruments, Voice and Organ) [small poster] 1973
Ian Wilson: June 1, 2 and 3, 1976 Ian Wilson will be at John Weber Gallery for discussion. [announcement index card, text only - one side] 1976
SoHo: The Rise and Fall of an Artists' Colony 2003 
SoHo: The Essential Guide to Art and Life in Lower Manhattan  1979
Studio International Vol. 195 No. 990 - Special Issue: Art Galleries & Alternative Spaces 1980