Curator: Seth Siegelaub

Art and Language
Barry, Robert
Barthelme, Rick
Byars, James Lee
Chamberlain, John
Cooper, Ron
Flanagan, Barry
Hay, Alex
Huebler, Douglas
Huot, Robert
Kaltenbauch, Stephen
Kosuth, Joseph
Kozlov, Christine
Long, Richard
Morris, Robert
N.E. Thing Co.
Oldenburg, Claes
Oppenheim, Dennis
Ruppersberg, Alan
Smithson, Robert
Valentine, Dewain
Weiner, Lawrence
Wilson, Ian
Subject (along with 4 other exhibitions taking palce in 1969) of The Context of Art / The Art of Context 
Discussed in:
Art as Act, Art in America, March-April, 1970 
Conception, Conceptual Documents 1960-1990, 2001
Conceptual Art and the Politics of Publicity 
Dokumente zur Aktuellen Kunst 1967 -1970 [materials from the archives of Harald Szeemann] 
Great Western Salt Works: essays on the meaning of Post-formalist art