The emphasis in this collection is placed on the 60s and 70s Conceptual Art / Land Art / and Performance Art artists, catalogues, periodicals, ephemera and reference texts (including Eastern Europe and Latin America). Secondly, attention is given to the 80s artists and catalogues which address more directly the political and social issues of the times.

Biennial exhibitions, including Documenta, Venice Biennale, Havana Bienal, Istanbul Biennial, Sonsbeek, and Manifesta are also represented along with selected contemporary artists included in these exhibitions, especially video and installation artists.

This web page provides cross-referenced links between artists, catalogues, books, periodicals, audio and video works, as well as listing ephemera, artists books, multiples and posters for individual artists. There are currently over 450 artists, 280 fully indexed catalogues (plus an additional 180 "cited" catalogues), and numerous books, periodicals, and other publications included on this site. Catalogues listed on artist pages without a link can be located in "Catalogues [cited]".
Note - On certain artist pages and catalogue pages there are "letters" which indicate:
F - files maintained
B - extensive biographies
S - slides (images) of works
V - video of works in exhibitions
INSTV - installation views, both still and video
OP - other publications
PRPK - press packets from exhibitions

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