1938, Passaic, New Jersey - 1973 (plane crash while surveying a site for a new work in Amarillo, Texas)


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Great Salt Lake Utah - Spiral Jetty [poster] Virginia Dwan Gallery 1970
Great Salt Lake Utah - Spiral Jetty [10 b&w stills from the film] Virginia Dwan Gallery 1970
Nonsites (Mono Lake)  [invitation] Virginia Dwan Gallery  1969 
Robert Smithson [poster - noshtimssmithson ]  Virginia Dwan Gallery  1966-7 
Robert Smithson [poster/announcement - radiating lines - based on "Leaning Strata",1968 - re: p. 152, Robert Smithson, 2004, Tsai]  Virginia Dwan Gallery  1968 

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Ecologic Art (postcard, no catalogue)

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Installation View at Everhart Museum of studies, maquettes and drawings by Smithson

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