Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Stedelijk is the largest museum of modern art and design in the Netherlands.

Former directors include: Willem Sandberg (1945-1963), Edy de Wilde (1963-1985), Wim Beeren (1985-1993), Rudi Fuchs (1993-2003), Gijs van Tuyl (2003-2009).

Vito Acconci: Catalogue of headlines and images Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1978
Robert Barry: All the things I know but of which I am not at the moment thinking - 1:36 pm; June 15, 1969  Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam  1974 
Stanley Brouwn: Steps  Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam  1971 
Jan Dibbets  Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 1972 
Robert Filliou: Research at the Stadelijk Nov.5 - Dec.5 1971  Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam  1971 
Joan Jonas: Works 1968 - 1994 Mignot, Dorine 1994
Richard Long: John Barleycorn Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1973
Dennis Oppenheim Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1974
Giulio Paolini Szeemann, Harald, David Elliot 1980
Reiner Ruthenbeck Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1972
Gerry Schum Mignot, Dorine  1980
Ger van Elk  Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 1974 
Energieen / Energies Beeren, Wim 1990
Kabinet (SMA Cahiers 6) Imanse, Geurt 1997
Made by Sculptors de Wilde, Edy 1978
Op Losse Schroeven (Square peg in round holes) Szeemann, Harald 1969
'60 - '80: Attitudes / Concepts / Images de Wilde, Edy  1982
The Younger Generation / In the USSR and Beyond / To the Object Sassen, Jan Hein 1990
Wild Walls Coelewij, Leontine 1995
Thinking About Exhibitions Routledge 1996