THE FOX #03, 1976

Art & Language, UK: Chris Smitrh Confronts Norman Trotsky and Dame Flora Luxemberg....
Art & Language, UK: Having-Your-Heart-in-the-Right-Place is Not Making History 
Art & Language, UK: The Worst of All Alies
Benchley, Peter: The Lumpen-Headache
Bigelow, Kathryn: Review: Not on the Development of Contradiction 
Burn, Ian: Review: For Your Reference
Charlesworth, Sarah: For Artists Meeting
Conde, Carole and Karl Beveridge: The Edge of Edge
Corris, Michael, Preston Heller and Andrew Menard: The Organization of Culture Under Monolopy Capitalism
Djordjevic, Goran: On the Class Character of Art
Fischer, Herve: Sociological Art as Utopian Strategy
Kosuth, Joseph: Work
Kozlov, Christine and Mayo Thompson: Autopatripassionata 
Lendon, Nigel: Has Your License Expired?
Lockard, Steve: Review: The Incredible Rock
Neher, Ross: Bathysiderodromophobia
Ramsden, Mel: Barbara Rose Get Away from the 'Dialectics' This Year
Rosler, Martha; Review: Under the Rug
Rushton, David and Paul Wood: Art-Learning
Rushton, David and Paul Wood: History
Spingler, Sharlene: Review: Chic Kicking Muse 
Thompson, Mayo: Review: Convoy
Tiger, Fern and Edward Robbins: Method or Mouthtalk? 
Tijardovic, Jasna: The 'Liquidation' of Art: Self-Management or Self-Protection