Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Carl Andre: Wood  1978
David Askevold  1981
Yael Bartana: Videos and Photography  2006
Stanley Brouwn: untitled [distance=length length=distance] 1976
Daniel Buren: Discordance / Coherence 1976
Victor Burgin [including Burgin's essay: "Modernism in the 'work' of art."] 1977
Jan Dibbets  1980 
Braco Dimitrijevic  1979
Barry Flanagan Sculpture 1966-1976  1977 
Hamish Fulton: Quick Sand [announcement card] 1977? 
Hans Haacke - Volume 1 [shared with the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford] 1979
Hans Haacke - Volume 2 [shared with The Tate Museum, London] 1984
Hans Haacke: The Philips Pieces [7 stapled pages with images and text on one side. Philips is headquarted in Eindhoven.]  1979
Douglas Huebler 1979 
Martin Kippenberger: Nach Kippenberger (multifold brochure with images and text) 2003
Peter Roehr 1977
Richard Serra's Tilted Arc 1988
Walther, Franz Erhard: Works 1978-84 1984
Lawrence Weiner: A Selection of Works with Commentary by R.H. Fuchs 1976
Lawrence Weiner: Nothing to Lose [record] 1976
Lawrence Weiner: Still from Plowmans Lunch, 1982 [post card]  1982
Ian Wilson: Section 30 1982
Ian Wilson: The Discussions [catalogue for a traveling exhibition] 2008
Daniel Buren: Discordance / Coherence [three announcement cards with images and text] 1976
Hans Haacke [poster with images and text on both sides- exhibition shared - Volume 1 - with the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford] 1979
Hans Haacke: The Philips Pieces (7 zeroxed pages stapled bound - "first exhibited in one-person show at Stedelijk van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, January 1979") 1979
Lawrence Weiner: With Relation To The Various Manners of Use:... [announcement card with text on both sides - see catalogue above]  1976
Thinking About Exhibitions, 1996